Distance learning

Distance Learning

RDAM is using advanced video conference as a supplement to the day-to-day teaching

The project has demonstrated many new and interesting perspectives when using this new technology.The project was initiated from international cooperation, using existing partnerships - especially with Manhattan School of Music as platform for the development of Distance Learning. 

During the last couple of years RDAM has acquired more and more experience in using Distance Learning in music education which has consequently become a more integrated part of the activities at the Academy, and many teachers work with Distance Learning on a weekly basis. 

Distance learning is viewed as a supplement to traditional classroom training. The technology enables students to meet teachers that they would otherwise never meet, and to meet other students from around the world. 

Distance Learning does not replace regular classes. Distance Learning allows for meetings to occur that would otherwise never take place. 

During the project international relations have developed as a direct result of the work. Not only have existing partnerships been strengthened but new partnerships have developed. 

The project has demonstrated that students are not afraid of new platforms and new ways of acquiring knowledge. They students embrace the new technology and its many possibilities.